The End of OB/GYN, The Tall Beautiful Redhead, and Anesthesiology

Let me try and get the chronology of all of this correct.

On the Saturday before my OB/GYN shelf I took the tall beautiful redhead (CB if I used initials earlier) out to midtown Detroit, where I lived the last 2 years until I moved back in with my parents in June. I just took her to motor city brewery and Cass Cafe, so we didn’t really explore very much, but she did get a little tiny taste of midtown. I can’t really dissect what we discussed as it was…well I guess just over a week ago…it feels longer ago though. I get a twist in my stomach sometimes when I’m out with her. I’m always imagining scenarios where I would have to defend her, or where she gets hit on and I have to intervene, or where we simply get heckled in the street and I have to react somehow. I would imagine that most men have these preoccupations when they’re out with pretty girls, especially in areas with younger or more outspoken populations, so I was particularly aware of this in midtown. This is also why I limited the time to just these two restaurants. One thing that did stand out to me from this date. I had a list of 37 questions from psychology today that are kind of starting points for getting to know someone better. I only made it through 8 with her, but one was, “what would your perfect day be?” Hers was a pretty typical day, she goes to work and works with her favorite team of people, then gets home and hangs out with me. It was so sweet and unexpected. I expected it to be grandios. Hers was so rooted in reality.

I took the next week to study for my OB/GYN shelf on Thursday. I devised a plan where I did 3 hour-long blocks of questions every day and reviewed every night. I was able to go through the test twice when I actually took it, so I wasn’t pressed for time, however, I have no idea how well I did. If I failed it it’ll completely derail my plans at the moment.

I met with her Thursday night after the test at her place. We talked for hours, then made out. She told me that she didn’t expect anything to happen tonight and didn’t actually have any condoms and wasn’t on contraception. So, I used a condom I found in my car. We were both really nervous. I tried not to show it, but she definitely did. I probably did as well. I think it just had to do with the fact that I really like this girl and I wanted it to be special. I realized that that kind of thinking is detrimental to sex, however, the thought never left my mind. The combination of the condom choking my dick and her being pretty tense… well, I don’t actually know why, but I couldn’t fit in her. We just fooled around and I eventually got off manually, on my back, with her kissing me. It rained white all over the two of us, which grossed me out, but she was nonchalant about it. I left because I planned to meet with the anesthesiologists at Crittenton the next day. That actually fell though and was deferred to Monday.

On Saturday I started “Doctor’s in Training” for Step 2, which is in late September for me. It’s a pretty interactive video series and is the main focus of my study plan, along with the U world question bank.

I met with her again on Saturday night. She was geeked about going to a painting class, in which everyone paints based off of a template with an instructor at the front. It was pretty relaxing. Now I have a painting of a sailboat in front of a crude Detroit skyline with a “starry night” sky. My parents hung it up in the living room even though it looks dark and crude compared to the relative lightness of the rest of the room. There was a bachelorette party there as well, which seems kind of tame, but I guess not everyone is really into bars. That reminds me of when I went out with SB a few weeks ago, I think I recorded it in the blog. We went to a dueling piano bar and there were two bachelorette parties. One had a pretty blonde girl and a group of her hot friends. They were wasted and requested songs from the pianists all night. The other party consisted of a fat sad bachelorette in the corner of the room with her friends trying to console her. SB said that she overheard them all in the bathroom telling the sad fat bachelorette that that she was beautiful and that everything would be alright. But back to my paint-by-colors wine event.

We finished and went to where she grew up: in Harrison Township on the coast of Lake St. Clair. We sat out in a little park looking out on the lake in the dark. We kissed. Then she took me down a long path through woods to a tree that she and her friends used to hang out at in high school. It was a good mile down a thin path in the woods at midnight. I felt stupid and vulnerable for going along with it. The path loosely followed a river. At one part of the path we walked under a bridge where I-94 went over the river. It was surprisingly dark and vulnerable. This is where hobos or drug addicts would kill us, I knew it. She didn’t seem fazed by it, which bothered me a bit. We got to her tree, which now was covered with impenetrable brush. We walked about on a nearby bridge over another river. We kissed and I reached up her dress. We walked back and when we went under the bridge I told her how needlessly reckless the walk was. We took a seat on the ledge next to the walkway and made out. Yeah, I made out with a girl in near-pitch dark, at midnight on a Saturday night under a filthy bridge. We got back to the car, went back to her house.

We just talked for a while. I asked her more questions from my 36 questions list. At 3 AM my friend YC texted me, which gives me some timeframe to work with, otherwise I’d completely lose track of this night. At the time we were playing with tarot cards. I learned that I’m death and my end is victory, whatever that means. Her end was death, which made her laugh and I rationalized by saying I was her last man. We eventually fucked and I spent the night. She was incredibly passionate this night and it was much more open and fun than the first time.

The next morning I played her songs on the guitar with a tiny guitar she had in her guest room. I tried to sing everything I could remember. The one’s that really resonated were “Apple Blossom” by the White Stripes and “I’ll Try Anything Once” by Julian Casablancas.

We then went to her favorite brunch place, but it was closed for vacation. I played music I knew in her car, which has 0% overlap with her music. I settled on the songs I sang to her earlier. I took her out to a Coney Island on her block. She had never been to it before. I returned home and slept all day. She went up to her grandmother’s, who lives just north of Grand Rapids.

Monday (today), I went into Crittenton and met with the head of anesthesia. He was incredibly friendly and liked to talk about the field, but admitted that he would not be able to stay with me the whole day, so I tried to meet with other anesthesiologists. I saw a kid go under for a tonsillectomy. They just keep talking to the kid, give him gas, he passes out, then they put the IV in. Then I went up to the outpatient suite and watched a CRNA do a colonoscopy. I didn’t know anyone in the room, and as time continued going on I felt more and more awkward about introducing myself. I kept telling myself that I would be more aggressive with introductions next time, but honestly, I have been in this identical situation multiple times. Maybe now that I’ve written it out I’ll be more proactive with it. The coolest thing I saw today was a bipass surgery. The blood is actually drained out of the body and circulates through a bipass machine, keeping it oxygenated and functional, the the while the surgeon works on the still heart. The anesthesiologist and CRNA have a dozen drips, fluids, and in this case, packed-RBCs due to the patients severe anemia. I realized that I should have been more proactive in general today, so I’m trying to make a list of questions to ask these doctors, about the life and livelihood and the science behind it all. Ideally I would like 2 letters from this week, I’m not sure how to get them though. That brings the blog up to speed. I’ll go in the rest of the week and try to make the most of it.

What else…? My brother came back from St. Kitts on Saturday and has been around the house since then. Also, my parents left for Chicago today.

Quick Update in the middle of my GYN Rotation

So I have a little over a week left of my OB/GYN rotation. Ideally I would like to update this every day and really dissect aspects of the day – really create a scene, however, most days I simply can’t find half-an-hour to nudge this project in. I can hardly wait until this rotations over. The veneer of cordiality has worn off and now it’s just another unpleasant experience. I feel like an idiot whenever I am put on the spot. My words come out in a spastic ineloquent stutter. This condition is completely circumstantial. I had similar experiences in my internal medicine rotation and my continuity clinic. Since it’s only in certain instances I know I’ll be free from it in a week and a half when GYN is all over.

Last week I went to the tall beautiful redhead’s (CB’s) house. We played a simple card game, talked a lot and about everything. I took her complete medical history almost in a truth or dare way. Then we got sushi. When we got back to her place and made out, but the experience from the week before in Ann Arbor got to me, so I stopped short and kind of left her after building up sexual tension and snapping off her bra. I saw her again on the weekend for dinner, however, this didn’t have the same charm. The lighting was poor and it highlighted her flaws and she had stuff in her teeth, even after I told her. I know that people are just humans and even beauty is fickle day-to-day, but I thought it wouldn’t happen with her. I’m still going on with the abstinence from PMO so next time I can, I’ll escalate much more.

On Friday night I hung out with my friend SB again. We went to bars in Royal Oak off of a “Best Bars” list. We finished the night at the dueling piano bar and played “fuck, marry, kill” with everyone in the bar. I requested Tiny Dancer, which was a huge relief after continuous U of M vs MSU fight songs. My voice is still kind of shot from that night 4 days ago.

Meet Me at 6:30

This week I met with someone every day from Tuesday through Saturday. It felt great to be able to maneuver the schedule and actually be somewhat social. I’ll try to pare the week down into a somewhat succinct post.

Tuesday at 6:30: Met with my Russian friend SB at a brewery in Royal Oak. I don’t see her that often, the last time I saw her was 3 months ago. Today, she explained how she just broke up with her boyfriend and was now much more free. She loved the free schedule, the openness of her apartment, the fact that she could go to gay bars and just drink and have fun. The dinner was much more fun than I anticipated. We reminisced and ended up in fits of genuine loud laughter – the inimitable type that we all really crave and came so naturally in childhood. I convinced her to try OkCupid, which she later seems to have regretted. She did not anticipate how much attention she would get on it.

Wednesday at 6:30: Met with a date that I had been messaging for a while, CB. We met at One-eyed Betty’s in Ferndale. The place was packed, so we walked across the street to another bar. This exact scenario has happened 3 times to me before. I would change it, but it seems like people know where One-Eyed Betty’s is and it seems like a popular place to know. She was tall, redhead, and way more gorgeous than I expected. She works as a scrub tech at Troy Beaumont and loves it. She laughed at everything that I said. I really felt a connection with this girl. She had a wholesomeness and optimism that I am not used to seeing in a woman, or anyone for that matter. She said she didn’t really date and had only been on OkCupid for a week. She lived in Macomb county, which I know next to nothing about. She wasn’t actually familiar with Ferndale. I took her on a self-guided “tour” of Ferndale, which to be honest, even I don’t really know apart from One-Eyed Betty’s and the immediate area. We sat on a park bench and just talked for hours. We gradually sat closer and closer together. We kissed. I drove her to her car and we kissed again. This was probably the best first date I’ve ever had.

Thursday at 6:30: I met with CS. She’s the girl that I fell for really hard for last winter. I didn’t want to reignite the one-sided infatuation, so I had put off seeing her for months and hadn’t really followed her on Facebook. I didn’t realize that she moved out of Ferndale and was living in St. Clair Shores. She only was there for a month, then she planned to move to Eastpointe. Again, I don’t know these areas at all. We met at a sushi place in Warren. I remembered why I enjoyed being with her – she’s simultaneously brilliant, passionate, cynical, idealistic and spazzy. She told me about her schedule, which now consists of teaching summer school and studying for the GRE and barre classes, then about her plans to pursue a career in speech pathology. I told her about how I was not planning to do pathology anymore and I planned to do Family Medicine. She said that made sense and that she couldn’t imagine me doing pathology, that she saw me much more as a Family physician than a pathologist. We platonically hugged and parted ways.

Friday at 6:30: I met with the 34-year-old psychologist that I had a date with last week. I drove to Ann Arbor and we scheduled to meet in a beer garden. Even though I’ve lived in Ann Arbor and have visited it dozens of times to meet people, I still get lost. I parked really far away and was late to the beer garden. She has lived such a cool interesting life: undergrad in Ann Arbor, PhD in rural Illinois, lived in Baltimore, and California. We drank and enjoyed ourselves. We walked to an outdoor festival that was only half a block long. We kissed. We went to a bar. We drank more. She had a really interesting place – the entrance was hidden in the side of a building that we walked by. It was a loft that had a hidden room between the bedroom and the bathroom via a false bookshelf. We fooled around in the shower then in the bed. I’ve never had shower sex before. Also, before this night, I had never done anything sexual with a blonde. However, the night ended up being frustrating for me, I wasn’t able to get off and she was. I plan take a much more serious break from PMO now. It was good fun at the time, but I left the next day hungover and sexually frustrated.

Saturday at 5: I know this breaks from theme, but it’s accurate. I met up with the gorgeous redhead (CB) from Wednesday for our second date. We started off Frisbee golfing at Firefighter’s park. She had never heard of it, so I acted as a guide. It was fun. It was relaxing. It was peaceful. The world is a much more beautiful place when you spend time with a beautiful woman. We played through the course pretty quickly, and whenever there was a break we sat and just talked. I haven’t once felt uncomfortable around her and have loved to talk to her since I met her. She told me about her family, her new hobbies consisting of board games and concert-going. She said that she was pretty shy and not very outgoing, but she seems fine to me. You just feel happy around her. We went to a movie in Royal Oak, again, she had never been to the area. It was Southpaw, which was pretty heavy and gritty. Then we ended the night at a Coney Island a block away. We talked. She told me about board games and Dr. Who and surgery at Beaumont. I drove her back to her car at Firefighters. We kissed in the car – a long, sweet, passionate kiss that had been building up all day. I get a knot in my stomach when I think of her and write this now, but like anyone in the dating world, I’m afraid of vulnerability, so I’ll try not to get too emotionally invested too soon. I really want to see her again. I shut down my OkCupid account. I told my parents about her and they seemed excited as I don’t tend to tell them about anything I do romantically.

Sunday: Just worked on my presentation for today (Monday). It was only 20 minutes long but it took the whole day to do. The week actually was pretty wasteful academically. If I were to do weeks like this continuously I would fail out of med school, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as an social break. The presentation went really smoothly. It was on abnormal uterine bleeding and everyone seemed pleased with it. This week I plan to focus much more academically to compensate for the last week.

Starting Gyn Rotation and Reflection on a Failed Date

I finished my month of Ob and now am starting my month of GYN in my two month OB/GYN rotation at Oakwood hospital. It look like this month is going to be much MUCH easier to schedule than the previous month. Most of it is elective surgery. The biggest issue with OB is that women give birth around the clock – there always has to be a team on site. GYN is all surgeries, and can therefore be elective for the most part. I have to do emergency call once a week, where if a woman comes into the ER with an emergent gynecologic issue we help her. Because of the new lighter schedule, I reached out to a few people. I set up to meet my friend SB tomorrow, who I haven’t seen in a while and who I guess broke up with her boyfriend. I really haven’t kept in touch and it’ll be nice to see how she is. I also set up to meet with CS, who I dated for a while in the beginning of the year. Well, “dated” isn’t really the right term. She was dating multiple people and she decided to be exclusive with some other guy. She’s really complicated and thrives on ambiguity. When I told her my feelings she said that she was sorry that I felt that way about her as she didn’t feel that way about me. I’ve been avoiding her for the last few months because I figured “Why bother with someone who isn’t really attracted to you?” However, she is a really fun person and I always had a good time with her. I figured, why not meet up with her? I haven’t seen her in months. We could at least catch up.

I had a date with a cute thin little blonde engineer last Sunday (yesterday…but it feels longer ago). I took her to a brunch place in Royal Oak called Cafe Muse. Neither of us had ever been there before. She was pretty nervous, so I tried to calm her down. However, nervousness is contagious, I became a bit nervous as a result. Normally silences occur rather naturally in conversations. As neurotic as I might come of in this blog, I’m actually pretty good at dates and conversation. But the general vibe that comes from a good date never developed. We were two people who weren’t completely comfortable with the other. I tried to make jokes and they didn’t quite land with her. She wasn’t really into movies, or books, or music. She really liked her job, and her family, and her dog. I covered the brunch and we walked to a bakery where she bought me a cookie. We then walked around town in a cloud of uncomfortable silence occasionally broken by a joke, observation, or question. I stopped by my car, offered her a ride to hers, she declined, then we hugged and I left. If I could redo it, I would walk her to her car and have her drive me back and maybe go in for a kiss. I’ve never had a second date from a kissless first date, but this one was a bit more doomed and an attempted kiss would have been inappropriate. Whatever, I’ll probably never see her again. I told my Dad that it didn’t click and he was surprised with the idea of people “not clicking” with other people. He said that he clicked with 99% of people. I didn’t say anything then, but his definition of clicking is probably just different than mine. You can click at a professional or acquaintance level much easier than on a romantic one and I think he simply conflates the two.

Last week of OB

This was the last week of OB, then I start GYN next week. So many things happened this last week that I made notes to add to this. The week was filled with deliveries. I actually caught two babies, by which I mean that I stood and guided the baby out, held it, and handed it off to be cleaned. For two brief moments I held the youngest person on earth.

I had a date with the 34 year old psychologist. I need a better way to name in this blog, otherwise it marginalizes people. To simplify her down to just a 34 year old woman is a bit drastic. I guess I could still use initials, but it’s a bit…alienating. Regardless, I’ll tell about it.

I set it meet her after I was done at the hospital on Tuesday night in a bar in Dearborn. Because it was two-dollar-beer Tuesday, it was packed. She showed up a bit late, I was reading a book. I think we hit it off really well. Some people just vibe with you. I have a theory that I’ve noticed is that if a girl is way into baseball, we won’t hit it off at all. I seem to vibe more with girls in medicine, psychology, and literary girls. Anyways, she told me how she grew up in Western Michigan, went to undergrad in Ann Arbor, got a phD in Illinois, and worked in Baltimore. She’s lived a very academic and interesting life. I leaned in, listened, and shot the shit. It was a very fun night. I kissed her outside the bar on the way to the car. She’s out this weekend, but we set up to meet next weekend. I’m still keeping my options open though. I’m going to meet with a blonde engineer tomorrow for lunch.

OB Nights

This week I did nights in Ob/Gyn. The hours were 6pm-7am. At first I was able to stay up the whole night, but at the end of the week, I realized that I wasn’t really needed and wasn’t learning anything, so I took 3 hour naps from 3-6 am. I saw more deliveries and took more histories and physicals. Notable things I saw was a 9lb10oz baby born with an episiotomy. I really enjoyed these patients, they were very interesting to talk with. The woman was in nursing and the husband was in engineering. She and her friend were Colombian and were about the same gestational age coincidentally. It was a very pleasant experience.

The major issue that I have with any surgery, Cesarian included, is that it takes so long. I get bored. Surgeries would be so much more interesting if instead of an hour it took 5 minutes. It just drags on and on. After the delivery they have to sew layer after layer back. I stood there holding the retractor, or cauderizing, or maybe throwing a stitch, but I was generally bored the entire time.

Over the course of the week, I got better at secluding myself and reading. I had a pretty productive week academically, however, that’s not really the focus of rotations. I probably should have been more social – mingled more with the nurses, asked more questions to the residents and the like, but in the end, why bother? I just need to get this under my belt and move on.

I have yet to meet with the 34 year old psychologist, but I worked much more on my okcupid profile and it seems to be working substantially better. I got rid of that one picture and fixed the self-summary into something more colorful. I put a timer on and, in real time, just wrote and corrected what I wrote. I had to remove the app from my phone, it’s too addictive. I got a number off of it. She was in Detroit today when I was, but she was at the tiger’s game and I was at Motor City Brewery. I learned last time not to put too much stock into these apps and premature relationships. They all can be fickle and fall apart very quickly. However, it is pretty fun at this point, so why not do it?

My sleeping hours are all mixed up now. I should get to sleep soon and try to correct it all for next week, when I have to wake to be in Dearborn at 7 am.

July 12 – 1 full week of OB/GYN

I have so much stuff I want to put into this post. I wrote short notes over the course of the week that I wanted to expand when the weekend came. Now there’s enough notes to write multiple posts. I’ll just put the prompts and expand them a little.

“Hurry Up and Wait”: First thing notable about this week is that every day started with morning report at 7 am at Oakwood. This entails a 45 minute drive, therefore I had to be up at 5ish every day. I showered quickly and rushed to the hospital. The morning report is mostly irrelevant to med students: we don’t gain anything by going, but we get negatively judged if we don’t. So we rush there, wait around an hour, then split up the patient list between the group. I’ll typically have 1 or 2 patients to whom I introduce myself in the morning and check in with every hour or so. The first stage of labor is the passive phase and can take hours. Once the cervix dilates to 4 cm active labor begins and the baby should be delivered within a few hours. 10 cm and the baby is moving though the birth canal. Once the baby’s head crowns out of the vagina the baby will be out in a few minutes. The process is interesting, but for me, I just end up camping outside the patient’s room with a study book for the day. Hurry up and wait.

Twins on u/s: On Tuesday I went to the ultrasound clinic. In retrospect I think I wasn’t scheduled for it and I “crashed the clinic.” I ended up following techs and nurses around and seeing how they perform ultrasounds on expectant mothers. There was one notable case. I should be prudent in describing it, as it is a real life case and I don’t want to risk any sort of identification of the mother. She had triplets: one fetus by itself, and two conjoined. The conjoined twins were fused side-to-side. They shared one diaphragm and one heart. Each one had it’s own stomach. She was fully aware of her condition and was very optimistic. She said she believed in God and had no intention of aborting. This struck me as kind of sad…she’s putting the unfused twin at increased risk by keeping the fused ones. They are guaranteed to have very short lives. They’re unsalvageable. They only have one heart! But it’s her children and I hope it works out for the best.

C-section: The cliche is that it’s like the movie “Alien.” I hate to fall back to cliches, but shit…it is exactly like alien. She’s not put under general anesthetic, just spinal, so she’s awake. They put a screen across her chest, because I think if she were to look down at it, it would terrify her. The surgery is clean, well, relatively. Approximately 500cc should be lost in vaginal birth and 1l lost in c section, which now that I write it out, seems like a lot. That’s 1/6 of all of her blood lost. I don’t know why it looked so clean. I’ll try an make these quicker, as I’m writing this all down quickly and don’t really have time today to dwell on the intricacies of language and poetic subtleties.

Coffee meets bagel: I re-signed up for this. I haven’t had great success with this dating site before. I have gotten two dates last time, but it is overwhelmingly filled with obese women. I understand that they need love and they defer to online dating, but it doesn’t really boost my self-esteem when I turn them down every day. However, I did match with a 34-year-old psychologist from U of M and plan to meet her next week. We’ll see how that goes.

OKCupid: I re-signed up for this as well. There’s much more to do on this site and you can easily get lost in it. It can distort your dating perspectives to an unhealthy level. You’re choosing human beings off of a menu. I changed by profile picture to a topless mirror selfie, I’ve been working out and I think I have a pretty good torso, but I’m debating removing it as it seems incongruous with the rest of the profile.

Facebook name change: It seemed like the thing to do in light of the fact that I have to apply for residencies in the next few months.

Concert of colors: Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the Concert of Colors in Detroit with YC. We met his friend J(don’t know her last name…). The concert was very professional jazz, which I can take of leave, I’m not too into it. We had dinner at Union Street on Woodward. I told a dating story of mine from last winter and I plan to tell it on this blog as it is pretty interesting.


On Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is THE college town in Michigan. I never went to U of M. Instead I went to Wayne State in Detroit, which is where I go to medical school now. During undergrad I would visit friends there often, as a good 1/3 of my high school went there. Between undergrad and medical school I did live there for a few months doing research at the eye center. I was part of the retinal team focusing on macular degeneration and the retina, particularly concentrated on human retinal pigment epithelial cells. I realize now that I didn’t live to the full potential of the city when I was there. I don’t know the area, I didn’t explore. All that I did was spent the days at the eye center and returned to my sublet apartment, covered with dozens of millipedes (or were they caterpillars?) in a hungover midday depression. I needed to spray the place every other day to kill those damn things off. The nights were spent with the few friends who remained in the city after graduation. I just drank and smoked, which I guess is fun, but I didn’t meet any new people. I was social, but didn’t end up dating anyone that summer. No new stories or relationships from an entire summer in a fascinating city.

Last march, I had a date with a girl from Ann Arbor. She was a natural blonde, which I’ve never dated before. The girl I’m typically attracted to is brunette, thin, and has blue or green eyes. I don’t know why, but that ended up being my ‘type.’ Anyways, I wanted to take her out in the town. She ended up showing me everything. It was a charming walking date, but like so many relationships, it simply fell apart without any bitter feelings. It was during that date that I realized how little I knew of the town.

I’ve been thinking of how to address real names in this blog. I don’t want to say actual names as it may out people and name names when they don’t want to be named. For anonymity sake, I think I’ll just use initials. That should work. On Friday, I went to Ann Arbor with my friend from med school YC. He loves Ann Arbor and U of M and knew the entire town. He gave me a tour of the undergrad campus, told me where to take future dates. There are some absolutely gorgeous places to take walking dates in AA. The plan of the night was to go to a comedy club, but that fell through because it was the 4th of July weekend.

People affect my extroversion. Some people are able to cloud my mind completely. I stammer around some people. One of my attendings had this incredibly aggressive demeaner. I would always stammer around her, and only her. She was completely rude, and would take her phone out when I was reporting on patients. God I’m glad I don’t have to work with her anymore. YC is kind of like this. I become uncomfortably aware of my own presentation. I stammer. I don’t know why, who cares if you’re being judged? I don’t typically care. I try to intellectualize it, but no matter how much sense it makes in your head, in person I can’t shut down the overanalysis that comes with being around certain personalities. While walking around with YC, I know I should have approached and talked to women that were interesting to me, but I had this weird feeling that I couldn’t shake simply by being around him, like I could do it, but not with him there watching me. We ended the night at a bar where I had a crappy mixture of a corona and a margarita, called a coronita. He talked about his poems and books that he’s written. He’s really prolific. It’s kind of inspiring, to be around other creative people, however, his artistic goals are so different than mine.

In all, I guess it was another empty night in Ann Arbor: no comedy show, no girls, no new friends. I did learn a bit more about the town though. Now the weekend’s over and I have to get back to work tomorrow.

First Week of OB/GYN done

I finished my first week of OG/GYN. It was mostly orientation. The only real day was yesterday. We had a quick orientation in which we learned how to set up the table in the room with the correct equipment for delivery. I introduced myself to the patient early, at 9ish, set up the table like I learned to 10 minutes before, and then spend most of the day just bumming around. I would check on her every half-hour or so, but she was just sleeping for most of the day. The room didn’t feel medical, it was like a modified hotel room. Her family was there: husband sitting quietly, mother smiling, little sister on her phone. I was ready to leave at 2, as I wasn’t really doing anything. At this point, I shadowed a resident who made it very clear that I would leave at 6pm. 7am to 6pm…alright, at least now I know the hours. 6 pm creeped slower. The patient’s fetal heart rate decreased –called “decelling.” A C-section is called for. The attending arrived and called off the C-section. She was in charge to a compelling extent. She barked orders with seasoned authority. A good-cop, bad-cop routine developed. The attending would scream at the patient to push. She pushed, lost her breath, started crying. The head nurse would soothe her by rubbing her shoulder and speaking to her in a calm maternal voice how she was a strong woman and she would soon be the mother to a beautiful baby girl. The attending would scream again and the routine would restart. I just held up one of the patients leg. Within an hour, the baby crowned, which means the head peaked out without regressing at all. The surgeon quickly performed an epistiotomy, cutting downwards towards the anus. The baby slipped out and a swift gush of water followed. The actual birth after crowning took, maybe, 5 minutes. The second the baby was out, everyone in the room rushed to do whatever they were assigned to do beforehand. The father cut the cord. The nurses took the baby and weighed her. The family followed the baby with the nurses and tried to take pictures of her fist moments on earth. The nurses told the family to return in a moment after they had finished their tasks. The attending and the intern stitched up the wound from the epistiotomy. I stood there and no one really cared, except the attending who asked me questions about the placenta and umbilical cord and the method of action of lidocaine. The nurses held up the baby next to the measurement of her birth weight so that the family could take pictures. I’m sure they posted the images online as soon as they could, her life is going to be completely documented online. I left the hospital as 7:30.

As for other events, I passed my retake shelf and won’t have to remediate medicine! I have a 3 day weekend, due to the fourth of July. I plan to go to Ann Arbor tonight. I’ll try to recount what happens there on this, thus, I hope to make it more memorable, as it will be recounted. I assume knowing that something is going to be documented will lead to more effort put in to make it interesting.

Took IM shelf

There’s a hesitation that stops me from posting anything here. I’m not used to having any sort of outlet and this is online, which is much more public than I am used to. It has the potential to be scrutinized, which then makes it more difficult to show any sort of vulnerability. But I’ll try with this as it should be an outlet.

I took my IM shelf this morning. I felt much worse than the first time, but the practice that I took 2 days ago ended up being 10 percent higher than passing. So, I’m not too worried about failure.

I started my last rotation, in OB/GYN, with the next class, so I don’t know anyone in my group, but they all look up to me for advice, at least temporarily. I’m over at Oakwood now, which is a good 45 minute drive. I should get up at 5:30 to make it there before 7.